5 Essential Tips to Move Your Business Forward

There is nothing in this Life without any challenge (s) or problems. Entrepreneurs are facing challenges day in day out but challenges make us stronger, that’s nice. Not all the challenges facing entrepreneurs in Nigeria can be surmounted in one day because the problems did not start the same day.

Despite all the challenges facing entrepreneurs in Nigeria, moving forward is the best option irrespective of how difficult it may be. You must be an entrepreneur at heart. Moving forward is the best thing you can ever think off as an entrepreneur, don’t let the challenges overwhelm you or bring you down.

Now let move on, the way forward is what we are discussing today!

Some tips to help you move forward from the challenges you are facing


The way out of marketing challenge is to conduct effective marketing research and produce only what is in demand. You should offer what the people need and not what you think they would need.

I will still talk more about how to improve your marketing skills for your business in my future post. Selling what the people demands really requires you to search the market very well and look inward to where the market can bring high sales also.

Get products, strategize hope to make sales and you are good to go.

Clients’ feedback is also a great way to measure your performance. Advertising can help to improve sales, but the greatest marketing strategy is the quality of the products or services you provide.

Get products, strategize hope to make sales and you are good to go. Click To Tweet

I always tell people who sell things online that clients are also part of your marketing sales, once you sell the right products the clients or the customer will help you market the products, WHY? Because he or she has tasted the products and the results speak.

If your products is a high quality, information about you and your products will, literally, spread by word of mouth.

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There is the need for a clear vision (you can’t have passion without having the vision to accomplish it) and also strive to achieve your dream and to surmount or pull down every obstacle that stands before you, and your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Running an operation into success takes time and, in most cases, require patience.

The entrepreneurial spirit will give you the ability to create and build something from nothing. It will match your vision with focus and determination of building an enterprise. You need to have the spirit of never given up on anything you do.

It will give you the skill for seeing an opportunity where others fail to do so.

It will also give you the ability to aggregate, marshal and control resources judiciously and to undertake personal and financial risks.

Remember you need Patience as long your vision is clear with good spirit.


The best way to raise money for your business startup is to use your personal savings. It is common sense (logic) that, if you have no financial commitment to your own business, nobody will be willing to commit their money to your care.

Recently, I posted something on my timeline on Facebook about “CAPITAL” because the only way for you to move forward in your business is to have capital at your finger tip.

I remembered Techpoint Inspired Conference, One of the guest speaker’s talks about how she was able to raise funds through her friends and family. Another approach is for you is to explore the goodwill of your family and friends.

A report says An  African businessman (a conglomerate multibillionaire) began his business with a startup capital of #500,000 from a close person.

Find a secure way to finance your business and that is the way forward, once capital stop flowing it will affect the productivity of your business or products.


It is fact that business is a team sport. Without the right tools, there are no way tasks can be carried out successfully. Building the right team and acquiring the right gadgets are important elements of a successful operation in your business.

You may start by improvising, that is, hiring or borrowing both team and tools or gadgets and later plowing your profit to get your own. You must develop an avid supporter, an indefatigable helper, a trusted second-in-command.

Find a secure way to finance your business and that is the way forward, once capital stop flowing it will affect the productivity of your business or products. Click To Tweet



According to Bradley J. Sugars, “You can cost to profits, but you can only sell your way to prosperity.

“Brain Sher said in his book, Titled, What the Rich know and desperately want to keep secret, “Never delegate your marketing and sales to anyone else. “This is because no one sells what you produce or offer the way you can.


As you can see, the way forward takes a lot of work from you. First, you need to understand the way that works for you. Second, you need to understand your audience in order to find the best way to approach it. When you are able to carry out this successfully, Your business will move forward.



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