6 Effective Ways To Build Your Brand and Startup Via Linkedin

6 effective ways to buils your brand or startup via LinkedIn


LinkedIn was founded December 28, 2002, and Launched on May 5, 2003. LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operate via websites and mobile app. The social media site is a professional platform regarding those who are looking for Job etc.

Why the brief History? It is to give you a small background of what this LinkedIn is all about and No matter your starting point your brand will improve and it will be effective. Did you know that LinkedIn has over 332 million users/members all over the world? In today startup and brand development, your professional online brand is the key.

Your Brand or startup is your business; you must be intentional. Your brand/startup is your intentions, your emotions, your story and your mindset.

Let gets started, Practical, effective ways to build your brand and your startup via LinkedIn:-


Your LinkedIn Headline and profile is the first description that people will see, Make sure it counts. One of the things you must have at the back of your mind is that you are promoting/building your brand or startup, so you have to be efficient in your approach, be intentional in your approach. Let me quickly give you tips to create a distinctive profile:

  • Use a good, clear and smiling picture/image. You can’t just use the anyhow picture on your profile picture if you don’t have anyone, please go to the studio and take a nice picture. Your look, posture portray your brand and startup.
  • Be specific in your profile description/biography. Be straightforward to let people/audience know who you are.
  • Note that your profile is wanted people will check before they can connect with you, don’t joke with it.
  • Give and receive a few recommendations
  • Add your Hobbi
  • Add your Interests



To build an effective and profitable brand and startup you must be consistent. You are not someone that is up and down, here today and off tomorrow from social media. The keyword word is effectiveness and consistency, grab and hold this keyword tightly.

Make sure all the pieces of information, pictures, images, text, video clips, etc. are professional and they are reflecting your brand and startup. Don’t Just post anyhow on your profile, wall, etc. Let your consistency be linked to your Brand and startup and be visible.


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One of the best way to build your brand and startup is to set up a giveaway platform it may be some of your company products or services for free (depending on your business). The usual word people love to hear is that the products are free; it triggers something inside them. This method is adopted by many business owners especially those who sell courses online (Videos, Ebooks etc), The opportunity of the giveaways are countless:-

  • You build your email list through that
  • You can generate leads through those emails
  • Your customers and consumers will ..have a taste of your brand
  • You are sending a message indirectly to them when you organize the giveaway  of your products.
  • Some clients will come back and buy more products from you and referrals also is another benefits.
  • They will trust and see your brand /startup as a reliable platform.
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The Joy of Building your brand is when you are connected to your brand association. I have talked about building a network before. Build your brand around your fellow and brand/startup associates. Be connected to people who are more experienced than you, Form relationship with them, create awareness. Remember you must be intentional in your approach.

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Another way for you to effectively build your brand and startup is through LinkedIn groups, and it makes you more visible to people who can invest with you or even buy your products. There are many professionals, clients, customers, etc. via LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are where the paying customers are!

Below are the some LinkedIn groups to Join and build your brand and startup, you can also use it to market your products but in a professional way:

  1. Lagos Business Club | Nigeria West Africa
  2. Abuja Business Club – Nigeria | West Africa
  3. Nigeria Business Network
  4. Nigeria Business Communities
  5. Port Harcourt Business Club – Africa | Nigeria | Oil
 These groups have the largest database of members who are Nigerian citizens.

Join the groups and wait for confirmation message from LinkedIn

P.S: – I know you understand the word “SPAM,” please don’t spam the groups with your blog links, etc.

There is a way you can participate and promote your brand and startup. The following will guide you:-

* Know their group rules

* Tell stories of your past challenges

* Talk about some things related to your brand (NOTE: when you are doing this, you are intentional in your approach, so one day you can easily advertise your Brand or startup services/products, and you will not have problem)

(NOTE: when you are doing this, you are intentional in your approach, so one day you can easily advertise your Brand or startup services/products, and you will not have problem)

* Relate with the group admin, you can send him or her a private message to intimate yourself with the admin, not spam messages.

* Give advice

* Ask questions

* Be consistent (I have talked about this before)

Stand out by updating your status with projects you are working on, things you read offline and online and also you can update the seminars/events you attend on your wall. This we show to your audience that you are building your brand you are intentional creating an atmosphere/room for your brand/startup.

“Your brand is not Just who you are, it’s what you do”

Below is the screenshot of one of the groups I Joined




The best online identities are real, honest and are a focus on what makes you unique. Don’t have a fake identity online, Be Yourself, know what you are offering to your customers. Branding and startup are not about sales or spin.



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