6 Strategies To Expand Your Business and Brand




The sole aim of every Brand and Business is to expand their zone and reach more audience.

Have you ever think of how some big brands promote their Business. Of course, they also have strategies to expand their Business.

Below are the 6 Ways to Expand Your Brand:


1   Custom tweets

As a brand in the online space, engaging the audience is part of what makes the brand visible and create a customized tweets for your brand.

This helps the customers to know your brand with that tweet quickly, and it creates a kind of authority for your brand on social media.


2    Facebook groups

On Facebook, we have page and group. Create a Facebook page and group for your brand, but our focus now is on the Facebook group. Build a Facebook group for your brand, the advantages of groups cannot be overemphasized.

It makes your brand to be easily located, it is a medium for reaching out to more target audience, and it is an avenue for you to push your content. Recently, there is some new development, and the latest one now is Facebook Insight.

This will show you the group analytics and many things. You can make your group open, closed or secret. I suggest you make the group “closed” expect otherwise.

NOTE: – It’s not compulsory you have a Facebook group if you can’t handle it. You can hire a community manager to assist instead if you wish to, but it attracts a fee.


3      Market across many social platforms.

As part of the strategy to expand your business across likely prospects is to market your business on different social media platforms. You might be thinking or saying is it necessary for you to be present on all the platforms and basically, I will advise you locate and target your audience, and through that, you will know the social media platforms to use.

It gives you a lot of opportunities to gain valuable information about what your customers are interested in and how they behave and the likes; then it will assist you in promoting your product or service, to build your brand awareness and customer loyalty, and to measure referrals from your social media activity to sales.


4   Longer content/post

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, but we have google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. Express yourself with the post on other platforms to expand your brand.


5      Inspire Action

Include a call to action button, i.e., like this page and learn more, read more in your posts to gain more attraction, clicks, and conversions. Call to action also gives room for the audience to share their views.

6        Customers Review/Feedback

It is essential and necessary to share positive reviews of your products/services by a customer or feedback may be from your post/content, services or anything you offer that add value to people life.

Share it across all your social media handles/platforms, and tag the customer (If it’s necessary) or the customers/clients can post it and tag you.

You can also document the feedback via video and upload it via Facebook, YouTube and so on.

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