7 Steps to Build an Influential Personal Brand

7 Steps to Build an Influential Personal Brand


According to Wikipedia, Personal Branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization.

As Tim Ferris, An author whose books have been the No 1 on the New York Times said recently that “Personal branding is about managing your name – even if you don’t own a business – in a world of misinformation, disinformation and semi-permanent google records.”

Personal Branding is your identity, it’s your culture, and it’s what you are known for. If you hear the name of Bill Gates – Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Steve Jobs – Apple, Warren Buffet and a lots more. All these are known for something significant. Personal branding is how you also appear to the world and its environment.

You need to know what you stand for. What are your core values, what is the vision, goal, and mission of the brand? There are the questions you should have the back of your mind when building your brand.


Here are the Seven Steps to build an Influential Personal Brand:-


What are your core values, what type of skill’s, do you have, and from there you can easily get the focus of your brand? Your brand is your identity, and your brand is your message (it determines the kind of message you dish out).

You can’t build a brand on fake life, and there will be a problem in gaining clarity, consort a Thought Leader to guide you on clarity because you don’t know which one to focus on. Getting clarity is essential for your brand.

What will people say about you once they mention your name? What do you stand for? What are your strength and weakness? What are the most important things you do that drives people attention?  Self-awareness opens you to build an influential brand.



Which social media platform do you intend to use in building an influential brand awareness around your niche? You need to know the right platform to use on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You can read my post on the effective ways to build a brand and business through LinkedIn. You need a platform to communicate your message.



Who is your targeted audience? You need to have a target set of people in mind that will be involved in your business. Your platform will determine the greater or low audience you have.

You need to build an audience, and it all lies on how your brand influence has reached. What will help you in building an influential brand is to know where your audience is located.



A wrong relationship can easily kill your business or Personal Brand. Business is all about the relationship (Build it every time and every day). Build a relationship with your audience with an expert in your niche as a Thought Leader, connect with great minds.

The relationship is what you must take with all your strength to build a powerful brand.

The connections you make today might take years to pay off. You have to cultivate and nurture relationships.



Do you have a website for your brand? You need one for your brand, and it’s one of the ways to build your online presence. It gives more access to communicate your content and articles. It is an avenue to build the relationship. You also need to gain the Trust and loyalty of your audience.



What is going to be the content of your message? You need to have something to offer to people. You must be known as an expert or a Leader of something. Your message defines you.



You need to monitor your brand. This is very important, and it determines the success of your brand. Flexibility and consistency help you to build a relationship, credibility, an engaging audience and also leverage off your success.


In conclusion,

Business is not hustle but value likewise your brand, offer value in your brand and see the influence in your products. What do you think about this article and if you have any contribution kindly use the comment box




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