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Hello Davepreneurs,

Happy New Week to everyone.

I’m interviewing a lady for the first time on my blog.  I’m so happy about that sincerely.

It has been my desire for years now (smiles) to connect with her, ask her some questions and a lots of stuffs like that because I have known her for a while now through her blog and her Facebook post.

When I came across her some years ago, I begin to wonder what kind of Lady is this, she has won a lots of awards and some other wonderful performances and results. I was so desperate to know her.  So, I get the opportunity through her post via A Facebook Group some weeks ago and here we go.

If you are a young entrepreneur you need to meet her and pick her brain sharp (seriously) Trust me, she is loaded with juicy and juicy. She is good at whether she does and in a unique way. Interesting!

So, today, I introduce to you an amazing Writer, A Professional blogger at Jennychisom and an Editor. She is passionate about empowering men to secure women and children, which she sees as her Life call.  She won an IDEA POLICE Inspector award with two other co-awardees Blossom Nnodim and Linda Ikeji in 2012.

She has been featured on various media including AIT, NTA International, Young Women in Dignity Summit and so on. (As well as online conferences)

 Let’s seat back and enjoy this amazing interview with Jenny Chisom a super woman (smiles) every young entrepreneur should emulate.

Here we go:

Please introduce yourself to our community

My name is Jenny Chisom Opara, CEO Logos Audibles, and the blogger at

 What do think about Life and Leadership?

As an African female and now an entrepreneur, I can say that life and leadership are the real essence of our existence in the sense that, we are born to bring solutions to help others while we also tap from others to be better. Life is a sort of contributory scheme where we do our part and our maker enables us for the season we are here to bring about good for humanity. So many people choose to only tap from others and do not give, which means they have a leadership deficit. So leadership is taking responsibility to make others better knowing that is the real essence of life really. Yeah (smiles)

 What does Success mean to you?

For me eh, success in life means discovering and mastering the art of your being and using it to get fulfillment and leave a legacy of helping others maximize their own potential. So I have succeed when every ability in me is harnessed and deployed to make others better and bring solutions to them, then I am fulfilled and would be ready to face my maker to make account of how I lived. Yep, that’s success!

We ran through your profile and we see you once work without being paid, do you love it as it was or you seem to have no other choice?

 Hmmnn, yes ooo…I worked for free in my early years especially from 10 years ago when I began my self-actualization journey having moved to a new city then, Abuja. I loved it then because for me I was fulfilled being giving the opportunity to write, consult, edit, interview for my blog, market, speak etc. I also felt I didn’t have a lot of options cause I needed to learn and get testimonials as a soon to be global figure. It was vague then but with hindsight now, that’s what I think.

 How do you look at your inner self when you look at the mirror?

Focusing on my inner self, I see an empowered woman who doesn’t feel like one but going to salvage many from poverty mentality, self-doubt and limiting stereotypes. I see a weak but passionate and gifted being lifting men and women towards creating wealth and finding fulfillment as well as knowing their place in God’s love. When I look I see a deeply resource-filled woman with raw wisdom from her maker. Those are the things I see.

 What is your own perspective about Life?

 Pretty obvious, I see life as a place for making lasting impact that will resound in eternity. I believe we are here for each other but must give from our own brokenness and not be selfish. I also see life as a dress rehearsal for the real life that never ends.

Have you been once hurt in love?

 Of course, more than twice hurt self (laughing).

If Yes, tell us how you survived without much heartbreaking memories.

 I survived by reminding myself who I am. So it is possible they were not my purpose mates and it was good they left rather than  stay and block the real G, that I will take over the world with. Yes ooo, that thought helps me bounce back. I wouldn’t also boast that it didn’t make me wary of so called lovers at some points, but I always with the help of others, find my groove back. Especially when it comes to trusting again.

 How does your brand intend to help writers?

 My Logos Audibles brand is a company focusing partly on publishing services, so over the last 7 years we have helped writers become authors by self publishing them. We edit manuscripts, design books, promote their works as well. We are set to do even more.

How many writers has your brand helped in publishing their writings?

 First we provide publishing services, so when it comes to clients that we have taken their work from edits to print, we have had just two major. For editing, design and printing consultations, we have had over 63 writers, authors and the likes.

Do you have an interesting success plot?

 I would say maybe my being able to run the Logos Audibles brand and the emerging Jenny Chisom blog for the past 8 years while still working 8-5 all those years. I just began my 100% entrepreneurship journey in January 2016. So for that, I feel like a super woman.

But in other aspects, I do not consider myself or my brand to have succeeded yet, so my success plots will be the learnings and improvements we have made. This success plot will be in industry standard pricing, marketing and operational policies, but we are happy to know that we are part of a lot of people’s success stories.

What is your greatest fear?

 That I miss heaven! Choi! God forbid ooo!

What is the only thing that could make you give up?

 By giving up, I guess you mean stop doing what I love to do right? I can’t think of anything that would make me stop being a solution…I have access to tools even if I am a full time house wife or nursing mother, I can juggle it to ensure I remain relevant always.

 What is your favorite quote?

 None…I can remember… but I caution myself and others always with “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”

What is your most sad time in the course of aiming your dreams?

 Sad time….okay, the one I can remember is when I was constantly in lack even though I was wearing myself out for others, giving value. It was so bad I packed and went back to Aba where my parents stay. (Lauging and shaking head)

How do you even realise the purpose of your breath?

 I just listen to the ideas in my head and then I know it means I must birth them or ensure some other people birth the ideas in order to help someone somewhere. I also know and believe in a God that doesn’t waste resources and who directs the course of our lives, so I wake up and follow his promptings.

Do you believe nothing comes without giving?

Yes Yes Yes, you give to receive. Absolutely!

What is the best thing that would ever happen to you?

 Being born again and knowing that Jesus died for me to be free from the burden of sin.

In the next few years, where do you see yourself?

 I see myself exactly where God has destined me. Where I can have global reach with the message he has given me, deploying the skill he has enabled me with to reach countries of the world starting from my immediate family unit. I pray not to fall short of his push…

What is your source of inspiration?

Life and its different shades of expressions…and the God who created it all.

Briefly, tell us your success story.

Hmmnn , this success matter eh…(laughing). Okay, seriously, I am a girl born in Port Harcourt then raised in Aba after my parents moved there for work. I was very timid as a girl but a voracious reader and full of wisdom even while a child. I went to school like most people, finished from the university and began to search for what I really loved, aside what my parents choices for me were  Then I moved to Abuja when I was 27 and began a harsh learning experience filled with hardship and frustration but with hardwork, an unwavering self-worth, discovering myself, losing limiting mindsets I’m now carving a new world towards fulfillment in life. Two key things happened, I located a church that helped my self-esteem, and registered my first businesses at 30 years old and with the encouragement and support system of many people, strangely at that time, I coped. I soon began using social media to express the ideas in my head and began a journey of understanding how to leverage on social networks. I soon stood out for being a go-to person for advice, content development, business start-up, blogging and more. I am on a success journey….not there yet. (smiling)




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