Interview: Silas Ozoya, The CEO/Executive Producer at KampusTV NG


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How are you doing, I am back to the interview series. On this platform, we will be interviewing successful entrepreneurs in all field to challenge, educate, learn from their experience and give you the best, and a lots more.

The last interview I had was with Jenny Chisom Opara, CEO Logos Audibles where she talked about life and leadership are the real essence of our existence in the sense that, we are born to bring solutions to help others while we also tap from others to be better.

About today’s interview

What draw my attention to Mr. Silas is the hashtag #AskSilas, has times goes I now understand that it is related to a podcast. I have personally listened to his Podcast series and I am telling you that it is so educative, challenging and Interesting.

You may want to ask, what is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file or a series of such files, that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers. A podcast is a specific type of webcast which, like ‘radio’, can mean either the content itself or the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.

The term “podcast” is a portmanteau of the name of Apple’s portable music player, the iPod, and broadcast; a “pod” refers to a container of some sort, and “cast” to the idea of broadcasting.


Enjoy the interview below

Please kindly introduce yourself to our community

I’m Silas Ozoya, CEO/Executive Producer at KampusTV NG & President/CEO StartUp Business Africa (SUBA). I’m a disruptive content creator, business development expert, and an entertainment business Consultant. I simply help Startups and SMEs generate #5xIncome cash flow from their content and business ideas.

How did you get the idea for your businesses – (KampusTV NG, MADdotCOM Entertainment, and SUBA)?

Errmmm, it all started with passion and love for what’s now a chain of businesses. I started as a talent and events manager in 2010 when I register MADdotCOM Entertainment. Before then, a friend and I had managed a business consulting business together as students under the name Integral Solutions Services. He ended up leaving the business for me. Many folks don’t know this. That’s the name I have continued to use as my business development consulting company till though #AskSilas as a brand identity overshadows it but MADdotCOM Entertainment is actually the first company registered to my name and the motivation behind that company is and has always been pure love and passion for talents in young people. That’s what catalyzed into the other 2 businesses – KampusTV NG and our business community StartUp Business Africa (SUBA).

After 2 years of running MADdotCOM Entertainment, I started getting questions of how I’m doing achieving such fast rate of business growth and what needed to be done because at this point I had executed 2 brand promotion contracts for a multinational company and had some fairly good entertainment events as a new comer. These questions resulted in “The Entrepreneur Summit” what’s now known today as “StartUp Business Conference” that birthed StartUp Business Africa (SUBA) in 2016.

As for KampusTV NG, it came as a result of a huge problem we had in 2015. We had Nigerian Kampus Awards under the MADdotCOM Entertainment umbrella and invited a Media house from Lagos and hired a private media Company to cover the event but till date, we don’t have video records of that event. The failure of those guys created a problem gap for us. So instead of seeing it as a problem my then intern now Co-founder and I founded KampusTV NG as a solution to the problem.

So today we have our own media house covering our events and generating income for us covering events for others and also giving us the opportunity to support young talented minds to work with us as an intern in the capacity of marketing ambassadors, presenters and production crew.

What’s unique about your businesses?

Well for me, being in business and teaching others to start and grow theirs is more of fulfillment. The uniqueness is my interest and love for the growth of the seemly “Unpopular crowd” – the emerging up and coming guys who are mostly abandoned and forgotten.


What is the mission or focus at the onset?

To add value to young minds that would grow to become big wigs. Father a new generation of financially free young adults, champion a mental revolution and change the paradigm of status quo.


Do you have any team or you do it alone?

Oh yes! I have teams and affiliates that I work with. This job and journey isn’t a one man thing even though it starts with one man. I have a team each at KampusTV NG and SUBA. However, I still run my entertainment and business development consultancy as one man mostly with help from my personal assistant.


What are the challenges you faced before and after you start your own business/Company?

Laughs… Well, they would always come and would always be there. Top of the list is the already ‘damaged’ mentality of the young minds we work with. That’s why there is a need for mental revolution. Next to that is folks in Africa too scared to touch start-ups and emerging talents with a long stick.


What’s the future of Entrepreneurs and business in Nigeria?

A bright future I must say. The culture is growing very fast. However, we’re still scratching the subject at the surface. There is more work to be done.


From your experience in Business, what did you think is the Major problems Nigeria Startups, Personal brand, and SME face?

Lack of confidence on the part of the entrepreneurs, the fear of investing in startups by investors, the identity crisis for budding entrepreneurs as to the true definition of their personal brands as different from their business brands and the failing environmental conditions to encourage the exponential growth of SMEs.


What inspires you in business?

The impact I’ve been able to make in the lives of the young men and women I’ve had the course to work with.


the identity crisis for budding entrepreneurs as to the true definition of their personal brands as different from their business brands Click To Tweet


What Inspires you to Start your podcast?

The diversity of content delivery. Not everyone can make it to our annual business conference or read my blog (not because they can’t but some people are auditory).


Can you briefly tell us the meaning of the hashtag #AskSilas?

Basically, like I said after a while people started asking me how? Why? Where? And why? Basically, they were ‘asking Silas’. That’s how that hashtag started. So #AskSilas translated into a way I was responding to go questions asked.


What have you achieved Since you started your business?

Hmmmm, well apart from raising a good number of young men and women, raising an ever growing business development community that’s touching the world.



What’s the last word you can say to a discouraged Entrepreneur?

Keep on the path. Challenges are evidence that you’re on the right path.


What advice do you have for start-ups and SME?

You’re not alone, We have a place for you at StartUp Business Africa (SUBA) feel free to join us there.


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