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Hello, friends.

My name is Akinwale David. I am a freelance writer, Digital Marketing Coach, professional blogger and the founder of DavePreneur.com, Lead Coach of The Visionary Entrepreneurs’ Network (TVEN), a blog dedicated to aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs across Africa.

I am very passionate about Africa – a passion firmly rooted in my personal conviction that Africa is the new voice of for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Hence, I believe that young entrepreneurs across Africa are the ones that hold the key to unlocking the vast opportunities that will transform our continent and launch it to greater heights.

I’m always of the opinion that the internet should be used as a tool to disseminate useful information that will help entrepreneurs become better no matter where they are in the world.

I am happy that we are taking this journey of being a blessing to entrepreneurs to a greater height.


On this site, we shall be sharing in-depth information on the following categories:

Business Ideas and Tips,  Career Advice,  Interviews, Publishing, Entrepreneur Tips etc that will help our readers become smart entrepreneurs by saving them time, energy, money, and stress.

We shall work round the clock to ensure that you get nothing but the best here. All our articles will be original.

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Thanks for visiting this blog , I will be looking forward to seeing you here and also to interact together.

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Akinwale David
FOUNDER, Davepreneur Blog


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